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This Week's Attractions

Get Out [Blu-Ray] GET OUT (2017)
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Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams. Universal, $34.98, 5/23/2017.
When Chris, a young African-American man, visits his white girlfriend's family estate, he becomes ensnared in the more sinister, real reason for the invitation.

Logan [Blu-Ray] Great Wall [Blu-ray] Call the Midwife: Season 6 [Blu-Ray] My Life As a Zucchini [Blu-Ray] Rolling Stones: Ole Ole Ole! [Blu-Ray] Othello: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray]

Bulletin - Week of 5/21 - 5/27

LOGAN [BLU-RAY] (2017): "If Logan serves as Hugh Jackmanís last dance with Wolverine, he goes out on top. Arguably the best X-Men related movie of them all, it packs a brutal punch along with real emotional heft." Starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart. Fox, $39.99, 5/23/2017.

MONTY PYTHON'S LIFE OF BRIAN [BLU-RAY] (1979): "While probably not Monty Pythonís best work, Life of Brian offers a quality affair nonetheless. It gives us enough irreverent wit to make it entertaining." Starring Graham Chapman, John Cleese. Sony, $9.99, 1/29/2008.

THE YOUNG POPE [BLU-RAY] (2017): "An introspective and unusual series, The Young Pope threatens to become too self-infatuated to succeed. However, it usually presents a bright, introspective series that looks at its topic in unusual, stimulating ways." Starring Jude Law, Diane Keaton. HBO, $59.99, 6/6/2017.

LADY IN THE WATER [BLU-RAY] (2006): "After a good start to his career, M. Night Shyamalan went downhill, and Lady in the Water accelerated that decline. Slow and goofy, the movie offers little to make it work." Starring Paul Giamatti, Bryce Dallas Howard. Warner, $9.99, 12/19/2006.

AFTERMATH [BLU-RAY] (2017): "A story that comes with tremendous emotional potential, Aftermath occasionally kicks to life. However, too much of it seems slow and curiously free from real drama." Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Scoot McNairy. Lionsgate, $24.99, 6/6/2017.

HIGH-RISE [BLU-RAY] (2016): "Visually inventive and well-acted, High-Rise comes with potential. However, it suffers from over the top metaphors and a dearth of vivid storytelling, factors that make it frustrating." Starring Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons. Magnolia, $29.97, 8/2/2016.

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