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Colin Jacobson

Featuring ~6872 Full-Length Reviews

Rememory [Blu-Ray] B+/B/B-
Overdrive [Blu-Ray] B/B+/D+
Hitman's Bodyguard, The [Blu-Ray] B/A/B-
Hamilton: Building America C+/C+/F
Jabberwocky: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] B/C/B
Killing Hasselhoff C+/C+/D+
Black Sabbath: The End [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/C-
Queen, The [Blu-Ray] C-/B-/B-
Wind River [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/D+
Arthur Christmas [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/D+
Amityville: The Awakening [Blu-Ray] B/B/D
Brave [Blu-Ray 3D] A/A/B+
Patti Cake$ [Blu-Ray] B-/B/B-
Pacific Rim [Blu-Ray 3D] A/A/B+
Unlocked [Blu-Ray] B+/B/D
Fred Claus [Blu-Ray] B/C+/B
Glass Castle, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/C
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York - 25th Anniversary Edition [Blu-Ray] C-/C+/D-
Cars 3 [Blu-Ray] A/A-/B
Cars 2 [Blu-Ray 3D] A+/A/C+
Westworld: Season One [4K UHD] A-/B+/C-
Gun Shy [Blu-Ray] (2017) B+/B/D
DC Universe: 10th Anniversary Collection [Blu-Ray] NA/NA/NA
Despicable Me 2 [Blu-Ray 3D] A/A-/B
Show, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/D+
Sleuth [Blu-Ray] 2007) B+/B-/B
Westworld: Season One [Blu-Ray] B+/B/C-
47 Meters Down [Blu-Ray] B+/B/C+
Atomic Blonde [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/B-
Bridge On The River Kwai, The [4K UHD] A-/B/B
Slaughter High [Blu-Ray] C/C/B-
Red Christmas [Blu-Ray] C/C/C+
Annabelle: Creation [Blu-Ray] A-/B/B
War For the Planet of the Apes [4K UHD] A/A/B
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 [Blu-Ray 3D] A-/A-/B
Emoji Movie, The [4K UHD] A-/B+/B-
Kidnap [Blu-Ray] (2017) A-/A-/D-
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] B/B/B
Land Of The Dead: Collector's Edition [Blu-Ray] B/A-/C+
Inconvenient Sequel, An [Blu-Ray] B/B-/C-
Spider-Man: Homecoming [Blu-Ray 3D] A-/A/B-
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Deluxe Edition [Blu-Ray] (2000) B+/B+/B-
War For the Planet of the Apes [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/B
Emoji Movie, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B-
Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars [4K UHD] B-/B+/C-
Halloween II [Blu-ray] (2009) B-/B/B
Charlie Brown Christmas, A [4K UHD] B+/C+/B-
Batman vs. Two-Face [Blu-Ray] A-/B/C-
Warrior [4K UHD] B/B+/A-
Who, The: Tommy Live at the Royal Albert Hall [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/D+
Spider-Man: Homecoming [Blu-Ray] A-/A/B-
Superman: Extended Cut [Blu-Ray] C/C/B+
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, A [4K UHD] B-/C-/B-
Planes, Trains & Automobiles: 30th Anniversary Edition [Blu-Ray] B-/B+/C+
Kick-Ass [4K UHD] B/B+/A
LA Confidential: 20th Anniversary Edition [Blu-Ray] B-/B/A
Dawn Of The Dead: Collector's Edition [Blu-Ray] (2004) B+/A-/B+
Dreamgirls: Director's Extended Edition [Blu-Ray] (2006) A-/B+/D+
Old Dark House, The [Blu-Ray] A-/C+/B-
Miracle On 34th Street: 70th Anniversary Edition [Blu-Ray] (1947) C/C/C+
Waiting For Guffman [Blu-Ray] B/B-/B-
Warm Bodies [4K UHD] A-/B/B+
House, The [Blu-Ray] A-/B/B
Hopscotch: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] B-/C+/C