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Colin Jacobson

Featuring ~9333 Full-Length Reviews

True Romance: Limited Edition [Blu-Ray] B/B-/A
Saludos Amigos [Blu-Ray] B+/C+/F
Uncharted [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/B-
Saw [Blu-Ray] B/B/B+
Beverly Hills Cop II [4K UHD] B/B/F
Babe [Blu-Ray] C-/B/C+
Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The (Paramount Presents Edition) [4K UHD] C/B-/B-
Machinist, The [Blu-Ray] B-/B+/B
Double Indemnity: Criterion Collection [4K UHD] B/B/B+
Death On the Nile [Blu-Ray] (2022) A-/B/C-
Licorice Pizza [Blu-Ray] B/B/C-
Serpico [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/C+
Infinite [4K UHD] A/A-/C-
Get Him to the Greek [Blu-Ray] B/B/A
Dog [Blu-Ray] B+/B/D-
Spy Game [Blu-Ray] C/A-/B
Double Indemnity: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] B/B/B+
Grease 2 C-/B/F
Carey Treatment, The [Blu-Ray] B/B-/D-
Expired [Blu-Ray] B+/B/D
Clean [Blu-Ray] B+/B/D-
Charlotte's Web (2006) B-/B/B
Cursed: Collector's Edition [Blu-Ray] B/A-/B-
101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure [Blu-Ray] A-/B/D+
Blacklight [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/D
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie [4K UHD] A/B+/C-
Spider-Man: No Way Home [4K UHD] A/A/C
King's Daughter, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B/D
Moonfall [4K UHD] A/A/B
Nightmare Alley [Blu-Ray] (2021) A/B+/C-
Constantine: The House of Mystery [Blu-Ray] A-/B/C
Cyrano [Blu-Ray] A-/B/D
Wild Things (Limited Edition) [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B
Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America [Blu-Ray] B/B-/D-
Moonfall [Blu-Ray] B+/A/B
One Night in Miami: Criterion Collection {Blu-Ray] B+/B/B+
Singin' In The Rain [4K UHD] A-/B/B
Speed [4K UHD] B+/A-/B+
Handmaid's Tale, The: Complete Fourth Season C-/B+/D
Girl On a Chain Gang [Blu-Ray] C-/C/C
Spider-Man: No Way Home [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/C
Stand, The [Blu-Ray] (2020) B/B/D+
V/H/S/94 [Blu-Ray} C/B/B
West Side Story [Blu-Ray] (2021) A-/B+/B-
Batman, The: Complete Series [Blu-Ray] A-/B/C
Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart [Blu-Ray] B/B/D
American Flyers [Blu-Ray] B-/C+/D-
Bryan Loves You [Blu-Ray] C/C/B-
For All Mankind: Criterion Collection [4K UHD] B/B/B
Failure To Launch [Blu-Ray] B-/C+/C+
Fandango [Blu-Ray] B/B/D-