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Colin Jacobson

Featuring ~8624 Full-Length Reviews

Pajama Game, The [Blu-Ray] A-/B/D+
Rio [Blu-Ray 3D] A+/B/C+
Fatman [Blu-Ray] B+/B/B-
French Lieutenant's Woman, The: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/B
Good News [Blu-Ray] A-/B-/C
Ghostbusters II [4K UHD] B+/B+/B-
Synchronic [Blu-Ray] B/B/B-
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World [Blu-Ray] B/B+/A+
After The Thin Man [Blu-Ray] B/B-/B-
American Pie 2 [Blu-Ray] C+/B-/B+
Bourne Ultimatum, The [4K UHD] B+/B+/B+
Death On the Nile [Blu-Ray] (2004) B-/B-/D-
Defending Your Life C/C/D-
Max Cloud [Blu-Ray] B/B/D-
Nightmare on Elm Street 5, A: The Dream Child [Blu-Ray] B-/B-/C-
Toys of Terror B/B/C-
Star Trek: Insurrection [Blu-Ray] C/A-/B+
Dreamland [Blu-Ray] A-/B/F
Friday Night Lights [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/B
Cinema Paradiso [4K UHD] B/C/B-
Poltergeist [Blu-Ray 3D] (2015) B+/B+/D+
American Pie [Blu-Ray] C/C+/A
Planet Terror [Blu-Ray] B+/A-/B
Joint Security Area [Blu-Ray] B/B/B
Bourne Supremacy, The [4K UHD] B-/A-/B+
6th Day, The [Blu-Ray] B-/A-/B-
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore [Blu-Ray 3D] B/B+/C-
Rolling Thunder Revue - A Bob Dylan Story: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] B/B/B-
Ghostbusters [4K UHD] (1984) A-/B+/B+
Nightmare on Elm Street 4, A: The Dream Master [Blu-Ray] B-/B/C-
Mummy, The [4K UHD] (1999) C+/A-/A
Vigilante [4K UHD] B/B/B+
Casper [Blu-Ray] B-/A/B
47 Ronin [Blu-Ray 3D] (2013) B/B+/C-
Vacancy [Blu-Ray] B/B-/F
Southland Tales: Limited Edition [Blu-Ray] B/B/B
Blair Witch Project, The [Blu-Ray C/C/B
Blood Diamond [Blu-Ray] B-/B+/B+
Sex And The City: The Movie [Blu-Ray] C-/C+/B
Tremors [4K UHD] B+/B+/A+
Saved By the Bell: The Complete Collection C-/C/B-
Born On The Fourth of July [Blu-Ray] C+/B+/B-
Bourne Identity, The [4K UHD] C/A-/B+
War With Grandpa, The [Blu-Ray] A-/B/D-
Neighbors [Blu-Ray] (1981) C+/C+/F
Oblivion [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/B
World's End, The [4K UHD] B/B+/A
Love and Monsters [4K UHD] A/A-/C-
Nightmare on Elm Street 3, A: Dream Warriors [Blu-Ray] C+/B/C-
Oliver & Company [Blu-Ray] B/B/C
Longshots, The [Blu-Ray] B-/C+/C
Tremors: Limited Edition [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/A+
Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn [4K UHD] A/A-/B-
Sting, The [Blu-Ray] B-/B/B-
All Quiet On The Western Front [Blu-Ray] (1930) B+/B-/C
Sudden Fear C+/C-/C+
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story [4K UHD] A-/A-/C+
Tron: Legacy [Blu-Ray 3D] A/A/C-
Talented Mr. Ripley, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B-
Love and Monsters [Blu-Ray] B+/A-/C-
Knives Out [4K UHD] A/B/A
Honest Thief [Blu-Ray] B/B/D-
Nightmare on Elm Street 2, A: Freddy's Revenge [Blu-Ray] B-/B-/C-
Mystery Men [Blu-Ray] C/B/B-
Master And Commander: The Far Side of the World [Blu-Ray] C/A/C
Mulan [Blu-Ray] (2020) A-/B+/C
Men of Honor [Blu-Ray] C/B+/B-
Muppets From Space [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/D+
Nacho Libre [Blu-Ray] C+/B-/B-
Crash: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] (1996) B+/B/B
2020 World Series [Blu-Ray] B/C+/C-
Alien: Covenant [4K UHD] A/A-/B+
Argo: Extended Edition [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/A
Tenet [4K UHD] A/A/B
Iron Mask [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/D-
Star Trek Beyond [4K UHD] B+/A-/C+
Ghost Town [Blu-Ray] C+/B-/C+
Opening Act, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/C-
Casino [4K UHD] B+/B/B+
Battleship [Blu-Ray] B+/A/B-
Over The Hedge [Blu-Ray] B+/B/B-
Tenet [Blu-Ray] A/A/B
Shrek 2 [Blu-Ray 3D] A-/B/B
Strangers, The [Blu-Ray] B/B+/D
Smurfs: The Lost Village [4K UHD] A-/B+/B-
Wolf Of Snow Hollow, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B/C-
Wonder Wheel [Blu-Ray] A-/B-/D-
Dark and the Wicked, The [Blu-Ray] B/B/C
Death Of Me [Blu-Ray] B+/B/C
Death Proof [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B
Fate of the Furious, The [4K UHD] A-/A-/B-
Curse Of Frankenstein, The [Blu-Ray] C+/B-/B
Call Of the Wild (2020) [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/C
Holiday, The [Blu-Ray] C-/B-/C+
Hot Fuzz [4K UHD] B+/B+/A+
Possessor [Blu-Ray] B/B/C+
Pillow Talk [Blu-Ray] C+/B-/B-
Shop Around the Corner, The [Blu-Ray] A-/B-/B-
Thor: The Dark World [4K UHD] A-/A-/B-
Hobbit, The: Battle of the Five Armies (Theatrical & Extended Cuts) [4K UHD] A+/A/F
Blade [4K UHD] B+/B+/B
Mister Roberts [Blu-Ray] B/B/C+
Arthur Christmas [Blu-Ray 3D] A-/B+/D+
Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/D
Hobbit, The: Desolation of Smaug (Theatrical & Extended Cuts) [4K UHD] A+/A/F
Christmas Carol, Disney's [Blu-Ray 3D] (2009) B+/B+/B
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore [Blu-Ray] B/B+/C-
Hobbit, The: An Unexpected Journey (Theatrical & Extended Cuts) [4K UHD] A+/A/F
Collateral [4K UHD] B/B/B
Ava [Blu-Ray] B/B/F
Night Before, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B/B-
Lord of the Rings: The Return Of The King (Theatrical & Extended Cuts) [4K UHD] A/A/F