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›› Legion of Super-Heroes [Blu-Ray]
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This Week's Attractions

Legion of Super-Heroes [Blu-Ray] LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES [BLU-RAY] (2023)
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Meg Donnelly, Harry Shum Jr. Warner, $29.98, 2/7/2023.
Supergirl trains to join the Legion of Super-Heroes and also helps battle a new threat.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever [4K UHD] Bubba Ho-Tep [4K UHD] Spoiler Alert [Blu-Ray] Mask of Zorro: 25th Anniversary Steelbook [4K UHD] Mickey and Minnie: 10 Classic Shorts [Blu-Ray] Three Colors Trilogy: Criterion Collection [4K UHD]

Bulletin: Week of 2/5 - 2/11

THE LONG DARK TRAIL [BLU-RAY] (2022): "As a low-budget indie horror movie, The Long Dark Trail manages to look and sound professional. Unfortunately, it tells a terribly dull story and also suffers from amateurish acting." Starring Brady O'Donnell, Carter O'Donnell. MVD, $19.95, 2/21/2023.

THE LONG, LONG TRAILER [BLU-RAY] (1954): "While it will make no one forget I Love Lucy, The Long, Long Trailer offers a decent comedy in its own right. Nothing here sparkles but the movie delivers a reasonably amusing affair." Starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz. Warner, $21.99, 1/24/2023.

VIOLENT NIGHT [BLU-RAY] (2022): "With Violent Night, we essentially get Die Hard with a Santa. The movie fails to quite live up to the high concept premise, but it still brings enough thrills to mostly work." Starring David Harbour, John Leguizamo. Universal, $24.98, 1/23/2023.

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES [4K UHD] (2023): "As an introduction, Legion of Super-Heroes offers a moderately entertaining opening salvo. Though not innovative, the movie brings a lively experience." Starring Meg Donnelly, Harry Shum Jr. Warner, $39.98, 2/7/2023.

CHICAGO: 20TH ANNIVERSARY STEELBOOK [BLU-RAY] (2002): "A cynical but lively and amusing flick, Chicago offers a musical even a dedicated foe of the genre can like. The film diminishes many of the usual flaws and offers a fun and vibrant experience." Starring Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta Jones. Paramount, $19.99, 2/7/2023.

CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON [4K UHD] (1954): "With Creature from the Black Lagoon, we get the final classic Universal monster. The movie differs from the more psychological chills of the earlier stories, but it nonetheless offers a fun tale that becomes effectively rendered." Starring Richard Carlson, Julie Adams. Universal, $79.98, 10/11/2022.

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